Best vegetarian options at everyday fast food restaurants

Bet you didn’t realize that many of your favorite fast food restaurants have vegetarian/vegan options. I’m here to highlight some of those places.

  1. SubwaySubwayGetYourVeganOn

Subway has decided to add 3 new vegan sandwiches to its menu, which is an incredible thing. Subway, being a major fast food chain, has made the conscious decision to include non-meat-eaters into its business plan. The 3 new sandwiches are The Malibu Greek, The Italian Black Bean and The Sweet Riblet. For now, Subway is only testing these 3 sandwiches in the DC area, but, hopefully, if they’re popular, they can become a regular menu item all across the nation.


2. Panera Bread


The great thing about Panera is that they offer a variety of vegetarian/vegan options. One of the more popular items on the menu is the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. The sandwich is packed full with veggies, and the bread can be swapped for sourdough to make it vegan. In addition, there’s multiple soups, salads and smoothies that are also plant based!


3. Chipotle


Chipotle is one of the most popular fast food chains, and luckily, people on plant based diets still get to enjoy their menu. Chipotle offers a meat substitute called “sofritas,” which is basically seasoned tofu. You can sofritas to your meal, or decide to go for the veggie option, and just stick to vegetables. Eating vegan chipotle is pretty easy, just minus the meat, cheese and sour cream, and you should be fine!


4. Taco Bell


Despite being a restaurant that relies heavily on its meat products, Taco Bell surprisingly has some American Vegetarian Association certified food options. One popular item is the Veggie Power Menu bowl (pictured above). Simply as for no cheese and sour cream to veganize the dish. There’s also multiple bean burritos that you can try out. Moreover, you can really substitute the meat in any dish with beans, and Taco Bell would be happy to accommodate you. Taco Bell is no longer just for you carnivore friends!


5. Dennys


Even America’s favorite diner has decided to take the plunge and serve vegetarian/vegan options. The most popular vegan dish is probably Amy’s burger. Amy’s burger contains a veggie patty, and a whole bunch of veggies served on a vegan sesame bun. It’s actually pretty impressive. On top of that, Dennys also offers multiple vegan/vegetarian breakfast, dinner, and dessert options.


Overall, it’s pretty impressive that a couple of restaurants have decided to take a step forward and include plant based options on their menus. It’s also pretty interesting to see that a lot of restaurants, have already had their vegetarian options for a long while, it just took some digging to find. So, next time you’re at a restaurant with your friends, look closely at the menu, ask questions. Maybe you’ll discover some interesting plant based options of your very own.


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